About AFC

About AFC

Advanced Filtration Concepts (AFC) provides new and innovative air filtration products and services for HVAC, industrial and gas turbine/power applications. AFC has been in business for over 13 years, backed with over 30 years of experience in the air filtration industry.

AFC is a distributor for a variety of high-efficiency air filters. We carry brands such as Viledon, Purolator, Purafil, Glasfloss and others. In addition, AFC is an authority for a new brand of air filters called EFS (Engineered Filtration Systems). We offer filters ranging from MERV 6 through MERV 16 as well as HEPA and ULPA grade filters. The filters we offer (Vbank style mini-pleats, pockets, HEPAs, pleats, bags, canisters, etc.) feature exceptional operating characteristics based on their truly innovative design features. The filters we offer provide high efficiency filtration at low resistance thus reducing power consumption.

Advanced Filtration Concepts serves numerous applications such as hospitals and health care facilities, bio-tech and electronics manufacturers, gas turbine power plants, clean room facilities, museums, schools and universities, commercial and government buildings, industrial manufacturers and many others. We specialize in high-end applications that require the ultimate in air filtration. AFC has two facilities centrally located in the Los Angeles area. Our main office and two warehouses equate to over 34,000 square feet of space thus enabling us to serve as the largest stocking square feet of space thus enabling us to serve as the largest stocking air filter distributor in Southern California. By keeping a large stock of industrial and HVAC air filters we can often provide same day delivery at a moment’s notice.

AFC is a Veteran owned small business.

Advanced Filtration Concepts is a
Certified Veteran-Owned Small Business.