Heightened Awareness for Commercial Air Filtration

A heightened awareness is being seen regarding the vulnerability of our schools, workplaces and other commercial buildings to biological, chemical and/or radiological threats. Of special concern, is the building’s ventilation, heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, since they become a central point for the distribution of a lot of harmful contaminants. Smartly designed, installed and operated, and well maintained air cleaning or air filtration systems greatly reduce the impacts of pollutants. Building owners, designers, managers, and maintenance personnel need to have reliable information regarding air cleaning and air filtration solutions for keeping your buildings’ air quality healthy.

 Before choosing an air cleaning or filtration option, (which includes a future upgrade in view of perceived risks), you must have an understanding of your commercial building and its HVAC system. A key part of this effort is to assess your building’s total HVAC system carefully and thoroughly. You should also evaluate how the HVAC system has been designed to function. Then compare that to how it currently operates. In large buildings, this assessment is likely to revolve around different air handling areas and system components.

 Since many air pollutants are quite toxic, high concentration removal abilities are required; however; a lot of complicated elements can dominate the human impact of such toxic emissions. These elements may include agent toxicity, concentration, chemical and physical properties, modes of deliver, wind conditions, release sites etc. Incremental improvements for enhancing air filtration efficiency for commercial buildings are likely to reduce the level of pollution for the occupants while improving an overall indoor air quality. 


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