Indoor Air Quality in Medical Waiting Rooms

Waiting in a doctor’s office is rarely a pleasant experience. Besides worrying about the germs on magazines, chairs, tables, and toys, patients are aware that the air they breathe can potentially be rife with pathogens. Patients need quality air in medical waiting rooms likely more than anywhere else. These environments need to be free from bacteria and viruses as well as be comfortable for people.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is affected by environmental contaminants, particles in the air, and chemical pollutants. While there is no possible way to make a waiting room completely germ-free, there are ways to boost indoor air quality while patients wait for their healthcare provider.

Make the Space Welcoming

Aesthetics and air quality are improved by a comfortable environment that incorporates environmentally friendly furniture and planters. Furniture that is easy to sanitize and is low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), combined with planters, will improve indoor air quality in waiting rooms, making your patients’ wait time more pleasant.

Ensure Comfortable, but Healthy, Temperature, Humidity

Ensure the temperature is comfortable, but low enough to keep the germ level to a minimum. The spread of germs is affected by humidity, too, so it is vital to keep the waiting room area, which is vulnerable to influence by outside conditions, at the optimal humidity for maintaining patients’ health.

Make Breathing Healthy

Proper air filtration is essential, too. Incorporate an air purification system that uses air filters with a relatively high MERV value to keep the air as clean as possible given the current air purification system. Modifications to the air purification system may need to be made to ensure temperature, humidity, and air filtration are properly balanced.


While not everyone may agree on the optimal aesthetics, temperature and humidity in a waiting room area, everyone can agree that IAQ in a waiting room is important, so stay open to suggestions. Some have suggested eliminate waiting rooms altogether. Until that happens, though, it is vital to the health of patients to adequately repair and replenish waiting room air.

Advanced Filtration Concepts carries a full line of commercial air filters to keep your waiting room’s IAQ sanitary and pleasant for patients. AFC filters eliminate fine dust, pollen, bacteria, and viruses, ensuring your patients never leave your waiting room with more than they bargained for. For more information about commercial air filters and filtration of waiting room air, contact AFC, at 323-832-8316.

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