Proper Air Filtration System Maintenance for Better IAQ and System Performance

The dividends of maintaining good indoor air quality (IAQ) extend beyond worker safety, comfort, and productivity. Proper air filtration system maintenance, including regularly changing the commercial air filter or industrial air filters, prolongs the life of the HVAC system and helps it to run more efficiently, saving you time and money. The selection of the right commercial air filter for the job is crucial, too, as is the selection of the right industrial air filters for industrial settings.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Reducing contaminants and pollutants throughout a facility is only part of creating and maintaining good IAQ for workers and air filtration system performance. The facility must be kept at a comfortable temperature and humidity must be managed.

The first step to addressing IAQ is to listen to employees. Create an open-door policy when it comes to building maintenance and environmental concerns for employees. This will create a safer environment and a more productive workforce. A steady stream of feedback will allow you to address areas of concern that are showing a pattern of employee discomfort.

The fix could be as simple as adjusting the thermostat to decrease temperature and humidity, thus reducing chances of microbiological contamination, or, a more detailed inspection of the air filtration system may need to be performed. Should a more detailed inspection be needed, Advanced Filtration Concepts (AFC) offers site surveys and inspections to evaluate and create custom solutions for your air filtration systems.

Systems Maintenance Solutions

Crucial to maintaining good IAQ and reducing overall costs is the proper selection, installation, and change-out of industrial air filters. A good commercial air filter and all industrial filters need to be fitted properly to prevent bypass and leaks, damage to the air filters, and to ensure the air filters are adequately performing their jobs. AFC visual inspections and site surveys will address all of this and more to ensure your air filtration system is running at its peak performance.

In facilities where temperatures must be kept higher and moisture becomes an issue, facility managers may wish to consider an air filter that is designed to absorb moisture as it removes contaminants. Corrosion-free coalescer rigid pocket filters can be a good solution to high-humidity environments where corrosion or excessive contamination may be an issue.

For HVAC air filtration systems where a regular commercial air filter is used, ensure the air filter is checked regularly. If the filter is dirty, change it, and if change-outs are happening too often, it may be time to re-evaluate the commercial air filter you’re using. Dirty air filters can cause more IAQ issues and shorten the lifespan of the entire air filtration system more than anything else besides improper installation.

Wrapping Things Up

When it comes to IAQ, your fist indication that something could be wrong, can be employee feedback. If workers in one area of a facility are experiencing more issues than workers in another area of the facility, it may be time to have your system evaluated.

To prolong the life of your air filtration system, ensure you’re choosing the right air filters for the job, that they are properly fitted, and frames are intact. For a complete selection of industrial air filters or a commercial air filter for your air filtration systems, visit AFC on the web, or contact us, at 323-832-8316, to learn more.

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