The Power of Probiotic as a Surfactant in Coil Cleaning

Public awareness of indoor air quality has greatly increased in recent years. People are becoming more aware of the systems that supply air to our living and working spaces and how they are critical to the maintenance of a healthy, indoor environment. Sick-building syndrome is a condition caused by low indoor air quality (IAQ) brought on by improperly built or serviced air filtration systems and it is becoming more prevalent in today’s modern work environments.

Proprietary Commercial Coil Cleaner Service

A proper industrial air filtration system is an essential part of the modern workplace and offices of all kinds. Once you have selected the proper system for your business needs, chosen the correct pre-filters and final filters and had everything installed properly, everything is good to go, right? Well, that may only be the case for so long before you will need to service and clean your air filtration system.

New California Workplace Emergency Regulation due to Wildfires

California is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and pristine beaches and is often called the Land of Milk and Honey. This massively populated state is home to surfers, vineyards, Death Valley, Hollywood, and Disneyland - a true eclectic paradise nestled along the western coast of the United States.

Unfortunately, what it's maybe even more famous for, especially in recent years, is the nasty habit of having massive wildfires that wreak havoc on its citizens.

The 2018 Fire Season


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