Indoor Air Quality: Filtering Transportation Sector Pollutants

Air pollution from transportation sources (i.e., planes, trains and automobiles) affect both outdoor and indoor air quality. Lack of clean air due to the transportation sector contributes to most health issues caused by air pollution in the United States. HVAC air handlers, which are designed to help clean the air by incorporating air filters, alone, cannot guarantee acceptable levels of indoor air pollutants.

Turnkey Installation of HVAC & Industrial Air Filters

Choosing the Right Industrial, HVAC, Commercial Air Filters

Hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical and microelectronics manufacturers, etc., require air filtration that protects occupants and the surrounding environment from airborne contaminants like gases, vapors, and aerosols (particulates). Radiological and biological contaminants, which can be gases or aerosols, may also need to be considered.

The Advantages of a Stocking Distributor for Commercial Air Filters

Commercial air filtration is critical to the safety of your employees as well as the efficiency and cost savings of your machinery. In addition, it is important to handle change-outs quickly when the required time comes and having a stocking distributor on call assures you will meet your goals – as well as be ready for unplanned events.


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