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Designing Commercial Cleanroom Air Filtration Systems and Environments

Maintaining control over your cleanroom environment is critical for effective production and flow of operations. Strict state guidelines for cleanrooms such as in the pharmaceutical, food processing and micro-electronics industries must be streamlined and followed in meticulous detail.

Eliminate Microbial and Bacterial Growth in Your HVAC Filtration

Modern-day lifestyles show that most people spend between 60% and 90% of our daily lives inside much of which is in a work environment. As a result, high-functioning, commercial air filtration systems have soared in popularity worldwide, especially as the global air quality continues to decline. In warmer climates, air conditioning is a requirement for residential homes.

Hotels and Casinos - How to Ensure the Best Air Quality for your Guests

When you think of desirable hotel amenities, easy check-in, fresh linens, and room service are some of the first things that come to mind. But one amenity that often goes without consideration, which can be very noticeable if lacking, is clean air.


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