EFS V4-Bank Synthetic Air Filter

  • Created to withstand high velocities and turbulence, the EFS V4 Bank is excellent for most types of air handling systems.
  • This filter yields exceptionally low pressure drop (.30”) at high efficiency levels (65%/MERV 11 through 95%+/MERV 16).
  • The rigid frame construction prevents damage to the filter media.
  • The frame dimensions, depth, and filter performance of the EFS V4 Bank meet the requirements of standard air handling systems.
  • The filter element is free of metal parts, which eliminates corrosion and punctures of the media.
  • The EFS V4 Bank is lightweight, is easy to handle, and provides for low-cost transportation and disposal.
  • The EFS V4 Bank Filter sports synthetic material rated at ASHRAE 65% (MERV 11) through 95+% (MERV 16).
  • The non-shedding synthetic fibers are specifically designed to resist moisture and chemicals, prolonging the life of the media and resisting bacterial growth.

Also replaces part numbers:

F8V4-2424-GWB, F8V4-2024-GWB, F8V3-2020-GWB, F8V4-2020-GWB, F8V4-1224-GWB, F8V4-2424-GWB, MV95 1/1, MV95 1/2, MV95 5/6, MV95 5/5, Cam GT- F7, Cam GT- F7, Cam GT- F8, Cam GT- F8 XL, Cam GT- F9, Cam GT-F9 XL, Cam GT- E10, Cam GT- E11, Cam GT- E12, Cam GT- H13, 855080-142, 855080-140, 855080-141, 855080-139, 855080-137, 855080-138, 855080-136, 855080-134, 855080-135, CamGT-242412-85, CamGT-242412-98, CamGT-242412-H10, CamGT-242412-H12, CamGT-241212-85, CamGT-241212-98, CamGT-241212-H10, CamGT-241212-H12, DuraVee HXL, DuraVee HXL 60, DuraVee HXL 90, DuraVee HXL 95, DuraVee HXL 98, DuraVee HX, DuraVee HX 60, DuraVee HX 90, DuraVee HX 95, DuraVee HX 98, SMV98 AT, SMV95PAT, SMV15EE, SMV85, SMV65, VPP2V-S-9503, VPP2V-S-9504, VPP2V-S-9515, VPP2V-S-8503, VPP2V-S-8504, VPP2V-S-8515, VPP2V-S-6503, VPP2V-S-6504, VPP2V-S-6515, VPP-G-0495-DOP, VPP-6-0395-DOP, VPP-G-9804, VPP-G-9504, VPP-G-8504, VPP-9504, VPP-9503, VPP-6504, VPP-6503, FE110911, FE110195, FE11095L, BF120056, FE10195HD, FE110195LHD, BF120059, BF120055, FE110950R, FB120053, STMP 95-24, STMP 95-12, STMP 85-24, STMP 85-12, STMP 75-24, STMP 75-12, Vari+PlusGT, clearcurrent SF vCell, clearcurrent SM vCell, clearcurrent ST vCell, clearcurrent SRT vCell, clearcurrent PRO HX vCell, clearcurrent PRO SX vCell, P03-0323, P12-5310, P14-6555, 953-4577, P14-6555, 953-4557, FMV-65, FMV-85, FMV-95, FP24, FP20, FP12, FP2020, 40016-P, 40213-P, 40010-P, 40001-P, 40039-P, 40156-P, 40033-P, 40023-P, 40069-P, 40068-P, 40058-P, 40046-P, 40093-P, 40345-P, 40087-P, 40077-P, 40117-P, 40346-P, 40111-P, 40102-P, 41254, 41258, 41262, 41252, 41256, 41260, SFVD-95A12, SFVD-95B12, SFVD-95C12, SFV-98A12, SFV-98B12, SFV-98C12, SFV-95A12, SFV-95B12, SFV-95C12, SFV-85A12, SFV-85B12, SFV-85C12, SFV-75A12, SFV-75B12, SFV-75C12, SFV85, SFV95, SFV98, SFVD95, TPV001, TPV004, TPV002, TPV005, TPV003, TPV008, DM4v-981, DM4v-982, DM4v-983, DM4v-901, DM4v-902, DM4v-903, DM4v-801, DM4v-802, DM4v-803, DM4v-701, DM4v-702, DM4v-703, DM4v-601, DM4v-602, DM4v-603, SL2VS95, SL2VS85, SL2VS65, TDC 24, TDC 20, TDC 12, TDC 2020